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II- (Fill in the Blanks)
Instructions: Complete each each sentence cprrect term or terms.
1- A(n) __________ is an electronic device, operating under the
control of instructions stored in its memory unit, that can accent input
-process the input arithmetically and logically, produce output from
processing, and store the results for future use.
2- The information processing cycle is comprised of four operations:
_ .__________ ,_____________, and___ __________.
3. During information processing, a computer manipulates and
________ to create__________ .
4. The__________ portion of the Interne: consists of computer sites -
that can be accessed electronically for information on thousands of
5.__________ write the instructions necessary to direct a computer to
process data into information, often following a plan developed bv
II A _ Short Answer
instructions: Write a brief answer to each of the follovving Questions.
1. what is the difference between computer literacy and information
2-what are the components of a computer system ?how deas each component contribute to information processing?
3. What capabilities make a computer a powerful tool? Describe each "
How does a computer ability to communicate enhance a computer power? -
4. According to what characteristics are computers genteelly classified?Describe each category of computers.
5. What is computer software? How is system software different from
application software?

II B whate is a user interface?How are commond line user interfaces
Menu-driven user interface, and graphical user interfaces different?
Whate browse like feature have been incorporate in many graphical
User interface?
2. How are buffers different from partitions? How does virtual
memory management increase the amount of memory the operating
system can use?what is paring?
3. -How is an operating system such as Windows 95 loaded into a
personal-computer? What is the BIOS chip?

4-How is Windows 95 similar to earlier versions of windows ?;how is it different?what are its advantages?
5. What is a utility program? How is file conversion software different from file compression software? What is an Interne organizer?


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