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Physiol. Department 1st1 year

Physiology Exam

I- Write a brief account on : -

1-Factors affecting the binding process between the hormone and itsspecif i|c receptors.

2-Mechanism of action of hormones acting through activation of

adenylate cyclase and formation of cAMP(illustrate and give examples)

3-sodium / potassium pump(illustrate).

4-Receptor-mediated endocytosis.

5-Membrane-bound organelles (mention types and write in details about mitochondria).

6-Ion channels.

7-Apoptosis (definition and mechanism).

II- Write short notes on :-

1-Factors essential for blood formation.

2-Plasma proteins (mention types and write about their role in

regulation of blood pressure.

3-Anemia (classify and write in details about nutritional anemia)

4-Functions of monocytes and thrombocytes.

5-Function of cerebral cortex.

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